• Josie Beckwith


Sad news I'm afraid. Karl has had to resign his position as General Manager at the hotel so that he can take care of his parents who are both quite poorly.

The good news is that the Lord Hill Hotel intends to pick up from where Karl left and continue running the Country Music Club. The only difference is that contact phone numbers and emails have changed and it is my face you will see as you come in through the door instead of Karl's.

I have updated this site with the correct contact details and our receptionists are ready and happy to help if you want to reserve and/or pay for tickets to any of the upcoming shows. If you wish to contact me through the 'Get in touch' box on the main page, I will be monitoring that every couple of days.

I look forward to getting to know you all properly and hope to see many of you on Monday for The Thornhills and Chris Raddings

See you Soon ~ Josie

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