• Josie Beckwith

April at The Lord Hill Country Music Club

Sadly, as you all know, Lynne Best has hung up her Lazy Acre spurs with her final show on the 1st April with The Indians, a great show, and a fitting finale to the Lazy Acre CMC started by her father, Tony Best, some 40+ years ago!

April has been a great month to kick off the newly re-launched Lord Hill CMC.

Texas Gun with Jonny Williams and Lynette Marie started off the first show with them all on stage ending the third set to rapturous applause from the audience. Stand-out tracks of the night, for me at least, by Texas Gun were Old and Grey and Texas Time, and pretty much everything by Jonny and Lynette, but the final encore with all of them was just electric! I was supposed to be there to finish off the show at 11pm, but everyone, including the performers were enjoying the finale so much they carried on a little past my bed-time any-ways!

The following show head-lined Eamonn McCann with the excellent Mark Brown kicking off the evening. If I didn't think our first week could be any better, I had to think again! Mark's set included some personal favourites - Alan Jackson's "The Older I Get" and "Loving Arms" by Elvis. Eamonn McCann's warm tones carried us through the rest of the evening.

That bought us to the end of our first month. The team at the Lord Hill Hotel - particularly Emily and Ellie, as always looked after us really well, shame the compere was rubbish....oh, hang on...that was me!

Eamonn McCann

Mark Brown

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